Nick Wilford is a writer who explores future realms and what they might hold for us through the eyes of relatable characters. Come along for the ride!

The Becalmer is coming August 8, 2023!

Harica is gifted with the ability to defuse conflicts using her mind. When she is recruited to assist in resolving a war via an arranged marriage, she discovers that the reluctant bride-to-be has similar powers. Princess Jasmila doesn’t use her powers for good and when Harica arrives to help with the marriage arrangements, she fights back and sends Harica into a coma.

It is through this comatose state that Harica discovers a mysterious liminal space populated by others who share her gift. In this new realm, she learns to do things she never believed possible, but soon things spiral out of control.

In the face of a terrifying and seemingly unstoppable adversary, Harica wrestles with the decision to come to terms with the dark side of her gift.

Will she take ownership of it or turn her back on it forever? 

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Praise for the Black & White trilogy:

"A remarkable story that fits right in with the dystopian genre and turns it on its ear. Filled with plot twists and turns, this book is worth the read." -Amy's Bookshelf Reviews

"Full of mystery and excitement... high points and moments when I was caught by surprise. An intriguing idea which has been well thought out." -Long & Short Reviews YA

"Each book just gets better and better. The world-building is one of the best I have seen." -Nancy Allen (The Avid Reader)