Wednesday, 6 March 2019

IWSG March 2019

I'm back after my short break following my blog tour - which was a lot of fun - and ready to get into this month's Insecure Writer's Support Group post. In case you haven't come across the group, it offers a safe haven in which writers of all stripes can share their fears and insecurities without fear of ridicule. Hosted as always by the inimitable Alex J. Cavanaugh, today's co-hosts are Fundy BlueBeverley Stowe McClureErika Beebe and Lisa Buie-Collard!

Today's IWSG question looks like a fun one - Whose perspective do you like to write from best, the hero (protagonist) or the villain (antagonist)? And why?

Now that I'm thinking about it, I've only ever written from a hero's point of view - don't know if that's a subconscious choice, but it felt like the natural one. Shouldn't we see events from the perspective of someone on the side of right? Their epic battle to overcome the forces of evil? Of course, I'll still give insights into what the villain is thinking, their motivation and background (this is easier with third person). But overall, the story is told very much from the hero's side.

This question got me thinking, though. What could a story told from the villain's perspective look like, at least in my hands? It would involve a very different take on things, because of course a villain usually believes that the nefarious activities they engage in are for the best and perfectly justifiable. Maybe a dual POV story, showing both sides, would be fun. Definitely something to bear in mind!

Some IWSG news now: Showing that my home country has great taste (not to mention great writers, of course), the IWSG recently made the UK Writer's Hub's 50 Best Writing Blogs in 2018 list! A great accolade.

Which perspective do you prefer writing from - the hero's or the villain's? Don't forget to check out more IWSG posts here.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Corruption blog tour finale

Well, it's here - I've reached the final day of the blog tour for my new release Corruption and where better to spend it than in the company of the Ninja Captain himself, Alex J. Cavanaugh. Hope you can check out my post, where we're meeting the villain of the piece.

I've had a lot of fun over the past couple of weeks, and it's been great to reply to all the positive comments and see the reaction. Thank you! I'm going to take a quick breather before getting back to business with the next IWSG post next Wednesday. See you then!

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Corruption Blog Tour Day 11

Happy Saturday! Hope you're having a good one. On the penultimate day of my blog tour I'm hanging out on Ellen Jacobson's boat at The Cynical Sailor for an interview. This one's a lot of fun. Hope to see you there!

Friday, 22 February 2019

Corruption Blog Tour Day 10

The next stop on my blog tour is Patricia Lynne's where I'm sharing an excerpt in which my hero Welles suffers an unfortunate mishap. But what's behind it? Head over to find out!

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Corruption Blog Tour Day 9

Onto day 9 of my Corruption blog tour, and I'm taking a more serious tack just for one day. Join me at Diane Burton's blog where I'm discussing why weighty issues such as rape should be covered in young adult books. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Corruption Blog Tour Day 8

Can't believe I'm nearing the end of Corruption's blog tour already. It's been a lot of fun! Got a few more posts to go yet, though. Today, I'm visiting Shannon Lawrence at The Warrior Muse, where we're exploring the delicacies enjoyed by the Loretanian people. Hope you're hungry!

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Corruption Blog Tour Day 7

Onto day 7 of my tour and today I'm visiting Julie Flanders to share the opening of Corruption with her readers. Check it out!

Monday, 18 February 2019

Corruption Blog Tour Day 6

Happy Monday and welcome to week 2 and day 6 of my Corruption blog tour. Today I'm rolling on to Susan Gourley's  place where we've got a live interview with the youngest member of the Harmonian science department. Hopefully, this will shed some light on the mission taking place throughout Corruption. Hope you can make it!

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Corruption Blog Tour Day 5

Rolling onto Day 5 of the blog tour for my latest release, Corruption and today I'm hanging out over at Darla M. Sands' blog. Hope you can join me. Have a great weekend!

Friday, 15 February 2019

Corruption Blog Tour Day 4

Happy Friday! Today on the blog tour for my new release, Corruption, I'm visiting Jean Davis, where we're having a guided tour of a Loretanian village courtesy of its chieftain. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Corruption Blog Tour Day 3

Onto day 3 of the blog tour for my new release, Corruption, and today I'm visiting Tyrean Martinson to talk about the sci in my fi - those little robots that might, one day, save us all. Hope you can make it!

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Corruption Blog Tour Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of the blog tour for my new release, Corruption! Today I'm guesting at The Girdle of Melian where I introduce Deniz's readers to one of the new characters making an appearance in this book, and he's a bit of a salty dog. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Corruption Blog Tour Day 1

Hello all! I'm kicking off a two-week blog tour today for my new release, Corruption, to run until February 25. I'm starting off over at author Sandra Cox's blog. Hope you can join me!

Monday, 11 February 2019

Corruption Release Day

It's here! The second part of my young adult dystopian trilogy, set in a sinister future version of Earth, has made its way into the world. Here's all the details...

Title: Corruption
Author: Nick Wilford
Genre: YA dystopian
Series: Black & White
Series #: 2 of 3
Release date: 11th February 2019
Publisher: Superstar Peanut Publishing


Wellesbury Noon and Ezmerelda Dontible have found themselves in a position where they can make their native land somewhere that lives up to its name: Harmonia. However, they’re setting their sights further afield for their number one task: eradicating the disease that has plagued the neighbouring country of Loretania for generations and allowed the privileged Harmonians to live in a sterile environment.

After dispatching a team of scientists to Loretania, armed with cratefuls of an antidote and vaccine and headed up by their friend, Dr George Tindleson, Welles, Ez, and Welles’s brother Mal – who grew up in that benighted nation – start to worry when they hear nothing back, despite what they had agreed. Commandeering a fishing boat to follow the science team over the sea, they soon find that, while the disease may be on the way out, a new kind of infection has set in – the corruption they thought they had stamped out in Harmonia.

Can they get to the root of the problem and eliminate it before even more damage is done to an innocent people?

*** Warning – this book contains themes that some sensitive readers may find upsetting. ***

Purchase Links:

To help celebrate, I'm kicking off a two-week blog tour from tomorrow. Hope you can join me. It'll be a lot of fun!

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

IWSG February 2019

It's the first Wednesday of the month and that means it's time once again for the group posting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group. It's a safe haven where we can share our fears and insecurities without fear of being judged. Hosted as ever by Ninja Cap'n Alex J. Cavanaugh, today's awesome co-hosts are Raimey GallantNatalie AguirreCV Grehan and Michelle Wallace!

My main insecurity right now is getting everything ready for my blog tour, which starts in - gulp - five days! I've been rather behind, but I'm getting there. One more guest post to write!

So what is this month's IWSG question? It's "Besides writing what other creative outlets do you have?"

Well, I've been focusing on writing for the longest time because when I get time to be creative that's my priority. When I was younger, though, I tried drawing, acting, and even songwriting (with pretty terrible results). Don't know if I'll ever get back to those, but you never know! I've definitely got ambitions to write something in the dramatic field, maybe for stage or screen.

So without further ado let's see what's happening with the IWSG right now.

The next IWSG anthology, Masquerade: Oddly Suited, (YA romance) will be released on April 30, 2019.

The authors are looking for blog tour hosts. If you can host a day and help spread the word about the anthology, sign up through Google Docs.

You can also pre-order either print or eBook: Barnes & Noble / Amazon / Dancing Lemur Press LLC
Print ISBN 9781939844644 $14.95
EBook ISBN 9781939844651 $4.99

Plus show your support and add Masquerade on Goodreads.

* * *

This month’s WEP Challenge is 28 Days.

This prompt came up as a contest winner generated by the IWSG gang – we chose the winner from a whole bunch of creative ideas! Congratulations to long-time WEP participant, Toinette Thomas.

Incorporate 28 days in your entry. It can be the time limit for a task or a challenge. The quantum of growth, a journey, a change, and/or healing that happens in 28 days. Come in with a werewolf entry. Or don’t. Tell us about some other moon phase-based folklore instead. Fashion an epistolary flash as a series of 28 diary entries or postcards. Mainstream, fantasy, romance, travel – all wide open. A lot of things can happen in 28 days!

Sign up and post your entry on February 20.

* * *

The IWSG Goodreads Book Club is changing things up!

5 Discussion Questions: We will pose 5 questions that you can answer about the book we’ve read as a group. You can answer one question or all five. It’s up to you.

Discussion Day Poll: Every discussion day, there will also be a poll that all members will get invited to answer. This is a great option to participate that is fast and simple.

Quiz: You can also help us create a Goodreads quiz for the book we’ve read.

Giveaways: Every Discussion Day, book club members will get a Goodreads message that will include the chance for members to enter a free Rafflecopter giveaway.

Freebies: When we announce the next reading selection, another Goodreads message will go out that’ll include a downloadable freebie, which could be anything.

Other Polls: We will also invite members to answer writing or reading related polls during our “down” months. One poll will be related to the book in some way.

We read a new book every other month, alternating between craft books and fictional books that demonstrate an aspect of writing. Members vote on our fictional books.

Join Here: IWSG Goodreads Book Club
Our February/March 2019 book is…
Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
This book was voted on by our members as a good example of setting.
Discussion Day will be March 20th.

What other creative outlets do you have? Don't forget to check out more IWSG posts here.

Monday, 28 January 2019

IWSG Anthology Cover Reveal and More

It's here - the cover reveal for the latest and greatest Insecure Writer's Support Group anthology, Masquerade: Oddly Suited. Such a fun and quirky cover, isn't it? Here's all the info:

Masquerade: Oddly Suited

An Insecure Writer’s Support Group Anthology
Release date – April 30, 2019
Young Adult Fiction: Romance - General/Paranormal/Contemporary
Print ISBN 9781939844644
EBook ISBN 9781939844651

Find love at the ball…

Can a fake dating game show lead to love? Will a missing key free a clock-bound prince? Can a softball pitcher and a baseball catcher work together? Is there a vampire living in Paradise, Newfoundland? What’s more important—a virtual Traveler or a virtual date to the ball?

Ten authors explore young love in all its facets, from heartbreak to budding passion. Featuring the talents of L.G. Keltner, Jennifer Lane, C.D. Gallant-King, Elizabeth Mueller, Angela Brown, Myles Christensen, Deborah Solace, Carrie-Anne Brownian, Anstice Brown, and Chelsea Marie Ballard.

Hand-picked by a panel of agents and authors, these ten tales will mystify and surprise even as they touch your heart. Don your mask and join the party…

In other IWSG news, changes are afoot as we have recently had to say goodbye to two admins - Joy L. Campbell and Lynda R Young - who will be much missed. The good news is that we have welcomed a new member, Elizabeth Seckman, who will be a fantastic addition. Let's all give her a warm welcome!

I also promised to give an update on my employment situation. I'm pleased to say I'm getting back on track, having signed on with a couple of employers with a couple more in the pipeline. It's a relief to have some work on the go.

Are you looking forward to the next IWSG anthology? What do you think of the cover?

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

IWSG January 2019 - Happy New Year!

It is time for the first posting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group for 2019. A new year, but the group's mission remains the same - to uplift writers and help them with whatever insecurities are ailing them, as well as keeping things positive in a convivial atmosphere. Headed as ever by Ninja Cap'n Alex J. Cavanaugh, today's co-hosts are Patricia LynneLisa Buie-CollardKim Lajevardi and Fundy Blue!

I'll get to today's post in a minute, but first, here are some important IWSG announcements.

The #IWSGPit Twitter Pitch party is now an annual event, and it's coming around fast! Less than two weeks, in fact. January 15 is the day when you can post your snappily refined pitches to be viewed by top agents and publishers. Successful books have been published on the base of a Twitter pitch - will yours be ready? Visit the #IWSGPit page for a full list of rules and genre hashtags.

The winners have been chosen for our fourth IWSG anthology, which is set to be another great collection. Here are the authors and titles:

Oddly Suited by LG Keltner
Sea of Sorrows by AV Brown
Behind the Catcher’s Mask by Jennifer Lane
A Diver’s Ball by Angela Brown
Fearless Heart by Deborah Solice
The Dark Charade by CD Gallant-King
The Cog Prince by Elizabeth Mueller
Flower of Ronda by Myles Christensen
Remedy by Chelsea Ballard
Charleston Masquerade by Carrie-Anne Brownian 

Congrats to LG Keltner, whose story received the most votes and will give the anthology its title: Masquerade: Oddly Suited.

The IWSG will continue its partnership with Write...Edit...Publish for a series of exciting writing challenges throughout the year. Check out their site for more details. The full list of themes can be seen in the graphic below.

OK, time to discuss my insecurity for this month. I've opted not to answer this month's writing-related question, because truth be told, I haven't thought about my writing much the past few weeks. I wasn't sure how to write this post and quite how much to share - I like to keep things light and upbeat, but after all the whole point of the group is to share what's troubling us, isn't it? With that in mind, here goes nothing...

For the last 18 months I've held a full-time remote editing position for an American company. Our work had slowed somewhat although all were hopeful it would pick up. However, on December 10, I received a Skype call from my employer saying they could no longer afford to keep me on and were letting me go.

This understandably came as a blow, as we relied on this job to keep us afloat. The full-time nature of the work meant my freelance gigs had taken a backseat, so over the last few weeks I've been trying to rekindle those networks as well as applying for other full-time jobs. I've signed on with one company, although they have a lengthy onboarding process, so I haven't really started properly yet - but I'm trying to speed through it.

All this means that I haven't done any writing since that date, December 10 - I just haven't had a minute to think about it. I had started writing a new book, just trying to get a feel for my character, but she's still hanging around somewhere and I know I'll get back to it. It's just another example of how arbitrary forces can completely throw us off kilter, but right now I have to prioritise bringing in an income.

I do want to thank everyone who took part in and shared my cover reveal which had been set for December 17. At the moment, I'm still planning to go ahead with my blog tour which is set to kick off on February 11 - hopefully, things will have picked up a bit by then. I've gained new readers for part 1 of my series, which has been extremely heartwarming, and I hope they enjoy it.

Hopefully, I will post again before February's IWSG meeting. I'll certainly share any good news that comes my way. In any case, I will definitely see you here in a month's time.

How do you deal with unexpected events that affect your writing? Will you be getting involved in #IWSGPit and/or WEP this year? As ever, you can check out the full list of IWSG posters here.