Friday, 1 February 2013

The Imaginary Friend Bloghop

Happy Friday! Today I'm excited to take part in the Imaginary Friend bloghop, organised by Annalisa Crawford as part of the one year anniversary celebrations for her debut novel Cat and the Dreamer, and co-hosted by Kyra Lennon. Here's the details courtesy of Annalisa:

If you've read Cat and The Dreamer you'll know that Julia, the main character, has a big imagination, and she has an imaginary enemy.

We want to know about your imaginary friend. What were they called? How old were you? Were they naughty or nice? If you didn't have one, were there ever times when you could really have used one? Did you ever set fire to your mum's favourite rug and have to take the blame yourself?

I think there will be some great entries for this! I can't wait to read them. I don't have any imaginary friends that I can recall, but my little girl has a very well-established one who unfortunately has a brother with a bit of a dark side. So I used them for a bit of inspiration. The story is told from my daughter's POV.

Chloe’s Brother

It was my favourite book, with clever bits that you pulled to make animals’ mouths open and stuff. Now those animals’ heads lay scattered around the floor.

I loved Chloe, my best friend. We’d play in my fairy castle for hours and pretend to be princesses and dragons. Actually, Chloe’s brother was usually the dragon, burning the castle down, but he always ended up getting too rough and hurting us.

But it was when he wrecked my stuff that I hated him most. Because Daddy always blamed me. I know he did even if he didn’t say so.

I was trying to fix the book but it was no good. The bits wouldn’t stay on. And then the door opened and Daddy came in while I was sitting with all the bits round me.

“Darling, it’s lunchtime – what have you done?” He took the book out of my hands and looked at the poor headless animals. “This was a Christmas present! It’s ruined now.”

I cowered as he stared down at me. “Chloe’s brother did it,” I said in a tiny voice.

“Really? I thought I said he couldn’t come round any more.”

“But Chloe’s mummy goes to work,” I squeaked. “She has to leave both of them here.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what,” said Daddy, crouching down. His voice was sweeter now. “I’ll tell Chloe’s mummy that if Chloe’s brother doesn’t buck his ideas up, she’ll have to find another house.”

“Nooo!” My eyes filled up with tears. “Then I won’t get to see Chloe.”

“Let’s give that brother of hers one more chance.” Daddy gave me a big hug and wiped my eyes with his thumb. “Do you think he’ll be good now?”


But Chloe’s brother was good after that. If any accidents happened then they were my fault. He was still a bit rough, but he wasn’t mean like before. I was so glad their mummy had had a word with him, because I couldn’t be without my best friend in the world.


Don't forget to check out the linky list for all the other entries! And there are still a couple of days left to sign up for my Overcoming Adversity bloghop, to help raise funds to send my stepson to a specialist college. Have a brilliant weekend!


Kyra Lennon said...

Fabulous work, Nick!

Thanks for being part of the bloghop!

Jess Schira said...

It sounds like the brother was a handful. Glad you managed to make everything work out :)

Annalisa Crawford said...

Aw, I can just imagine your daughter's horror at not seeing her friend anymore. Thanks for taking part :-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Very cute. Amazing how real Chloe is to your daughter.

Anonymous said...

An excellent write and read Nick.

Enjoy your week-end.

Al Diaz said...

I liked the story and how it is writen. :)

JeffO said...

Very nice piece, Nick.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Great piece Nick. Like the name Chloe.

J.L. Campbell said...

Well done, Nick. You did very well writing from a child's perspective and of course, Daddy will do anything to keep his little girl happy!

jaybird said...

This was very creative Nick. What a good idea! Great job.

Unknown said...

I'm glad Chloe's brother bucked up. We all need our best friend in the whole world.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I never had an imaginary friend, but there were plenty of times one would have come in handy. Nice work on your Chloe story.

Jennie Bennett said...

Super cute! I love this. I hope my kids have imaginary friends :)

DEZMOND said...

lovely and cute, Nick!

M Pax said...

Neat how realistic the friend is to your daughter. I have my post for your hope all loaded up and ready to go. :)

Luanne G. Smith said...

I didn't have imaginary friends when I was a kid, but I do recall there was a Mr. Nobody who took the blame for a lot of missing goodies and broken items in the house. There were four of us kids. Sometimes there is strength in numbers when it comes to avoiding blame. :))

Nick Wilford said...

Kyra - Thanks! Thanks to you and Annalisa for hosting.

Jess - He needed putting into line!

Annalisa - Thanks. I might come across as a bit mean, but it meant no more accidents!

Alex - Thanks! We're all very familiar with Chloe.

Yvonne - Thanks. Same to you!

Al, Jeff, Rachna - Thank you very much!

Nick Wilford said...

Joy - Thanks. I'm glad you think so and yes, that is the truth! :)

Jay - Thanks!

Jenn - He was the spanner in the works!

Susan - Lol, I didn't have an imaginary friend to blame either. I just had to own up to stuff, or blame my real brother! Thanks!

J.A. - Thanks! I hope you get to hear about them if they do. :) Chloe's never been a secret!

Dezmond - Thanks!

Mary - She's very real, although her age varies dramatically. Thanks - I only just got mine written!

Luanne - Oh yes, that mysterious Invisible Man. Something I'm all too familiar with as we've got four kids in the house too!

Murees Dupè said...

Wow, that is one naughty brother. But I guess it is great that he mellowed slightly. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my blog, it is very much appreciated.

Heather R. Holden said...

Aw, this was fun! I must admit, I chuckled when she answered "dunno" to the question of him being good or not. Such cute honesty!

Tyrean Martinson said...

Great story Nick! You captured your daughter's point of view really well.

Suzi said...

Cute story. Glad I didn't have a brother, or a friend's brother who was destructive like that. :)

Christine Rains said...

That was a great story. So sweet!

Ciara said...

What a great story. It's awesome she is so real to your daughter.

Charmaine Clancy said...

Brothers are always a pain... imaginary or not. Cute post.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Chloe has a nice patient. My boys have to think their mom is half banshee, but I have never beaten them, so I'm legal ;)

Morgan said...

Loved this, Nick! Really great. :D

Nick Wilford said...

Murees - He must have grown up a little bit! You're welcome. :)

Heather - She definitely makes me chuckle. Thanks!

Tyrean - Aw, thanks!

Suzi - Thanks. My real brother was not so much destructive, just very annoying!

Christine - Thank you!

Ciara - Thanks. She's very real. They're often found having tea parties together!

Charmaine - Too right. Thanks!

Elizabeth - Lol, glad to hear you haven't crossed that line!

Morgan - Thanks! :)