Saturday, 28 April 2012

Y is for Yakety-Yak

"Y" hello (groan), almost at the end of my A-Z series "26 Things that Made Me a Writer".

This one relates a bit more to what makes me a blogger, I think. I try to keep the yakking in my writing to a minimum!

I can be pretty quiet a lot of the time, but when it comes to a subject I love and feel passionate about, I go nineteen to the dozen. And unsurprisingly my favourite subject is writing. That's why it's so great for me and others of my ilk to have an outlet like this.

Before, I would have internal conversations about how to go about things in my writing that seemed to go round and round interminably. Now, that still goes on, but interspersed with my own thoughts are those of my fellow bloggers, which may have originated in a post, comment or email. Those little snippets are often hugely insightful and inspiring.

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to air what's on my mind and read all the thoughts of my friends out there. It makes writing so much more exciting and motivates me no end. I covered this a bit in my "C" post, but I can't sing the praises of the blogosphere enough! So, a big thanks to all of you for being here - you brighten up my day, and I'm overwhelmed that some of you have returned day after day during the Challenge! :o)

So, here's to yakking about writing and whatever else - let's all continue to learn from each other!

Do you enjoy yakking on here?

NB: I am away as from today until May 13th. I will do my best to respond to comments during my trip, but if not, rest assured I will get back to you upon my return!


Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Have a super dooper break, cruise inclusive!!

And yes, love having a good ole yak via blogging. :)

Kyra Lennon said...

Blogging has been a bit of a saviour for me lol! If I didn't have anywhere to take my yakking, I'd have gone round the bend!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Enjoy your travels! Yes, this community is awesome and supportive.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Nick .. I think of clacking falsies! Hope you don't find too many of those on the cruise!!

Cheers Hilary

Teresa Cypher said...

Nice post, Nick! I nodded my head in agreement as I read it. I do "yak" a lot on here. I have been in awe of people who can leave hit and run comments, thereby covering a lot of digital ground within that participants' list. And even more in awe of the people who can leave a brief comment that is thoughtful and concise. I can't seem to do it. (I do sometimes struggle with overwriting). I admit that I am too long-winded in comments. And *sigh* this appears to be one more comment in which I got the yakety-yak on. ;-) Have a great weekend. Kudos for reaching (almost) the end of A to Z.

Cynthia said...

I really enjoy the blogosphere of writers I've been getting to know. It makes the writing journey a less lonely one.

C.B. Wentworth said...

I'm super chatty online, but in person I am very quiet (unless around people I know extremely well). I've always been so socially awkward, so the internet has really given me a way to communicate with people without making a fool of myself. I have time to think and consider my words before they fly out!

Nicole said...

Definitely love the blogging community - lots of learning and support, not to mention some great recommendations for new books!

Francene Stanley said...

I love the yacking. It never seems to matter that you don't get instant contact.

Chuck said...

Nick, you've read my blog and you have to ask that question??? Of course I like to yak! It was great to meet you during the A-Z.

Kelley Lynn said...

Definitely love the yaking :)

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about the blogosphere. It been the greatest way for me to write regularly and get instant feedback, which I crave. Great post.

Nick Wilford said...

Lynda - The cruise was amazing. I'll be sure to do a write up!

Kyra - I feel the same!

Alex - It certainly is with the likes of yourself around!

Hilary - Well, there were quite a few older folk, lol...

Teresa - I know, I find it hard to leave meaningful comments at great speed. I don't want to comment for the sake of it. At the same time, I want to keep up with everyone!

Cynthia - It feels like a real community atmosphere, particularly so in the Challenge.

C.B. - I'm pretty much the same as what you describe. I always come up with snappy answers in conversations long after the moment has passed, whereas with comments you have that luxury - hehe.

Nicole - Yes, I have learnt about countless books via blogging!

Francene - It's almost instant though.

Chuck - Haha. Great to have met you too!

Kelley - Me too!

Thespotts - It's invaluable in terms of gaining advice and sharing ideas.