Tuesday, 24 April 2012

U is for Unfinished

"U" are welcome to today's post in my series "26 Things that Made Me a Writer". (OK, I need to stop doing that!)

I was going to title this post "Unstoppable", but that sounds a bit arrogant. Unfinished is good. I'm referring to that thing - a bug, a demon, an itch, or whatever you want - that drives us on to keep writing no matter what.

I guess I must be a real writer because it's got me. It's very hard to envisage a time when I would stop, because there's always more I need to do - more stories, more characters wanting to be heard, more dreaming. And there's that pesky search for perfection to think about - OK, we all know it doesn't exist but I think most of us want to give it our best shot. My best shot is probably a long way off!

If I was marooned (love that word) on a desert island, I would use a stick to write in the sand. If I lost both my hands, I would learn to dictate. Whatever the situation, I would always want to be working.

Do you think you'll ever be finished?

A quick note: I won't be able to comment as much for the rest of the Challenge, as we're preparing to go away on Saturday for a couple of weeks, first to my parents' house for a few days and then on a Baltic cruise. I'll always reply to anyone who leaves a comment, but I'm a couple of days behind on that, so that will be my priority along with continuing work on my WIP and drafting the last couple of posts, which I'll need to prepare in advance. Hopefully I'll be able to respond to any comments on those last two posts from my parents' house, but there's a chance it'll take a couple of weeks!

I know this sounds a bit lame, and I've been horrible about checking out new blogs on the sign-up list, but the news is this will remain up for the rest of the year so I'll get to some more after I get back. I feel lucky to have got to know some great people, though. Hope everyone is enjoying the last week of the Challenge! Can't believe it's nearly over!


Kyra Lennon said...

I hope I am never finished with writing! It's funny, when I was younger, the writing bug bit me hard, but real life eventually got in the way and put a stop to my writing flow. I re-started properly this year, and it's been slow going but my creative juices are slowly unclogging again - yay!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey, enjoy your cruise!
One more week. It's been wild.
I hope I'm not finished, but I'll have to see what's left in the tank once I finish my third book.

Trisha said...

I'm very glad that the list will remain for the whole year, too, because I have got around to checking hardly ANY blogs so far!

As for 'unfinished'...when I saw your blog title, I thought of all the unfinished novels and stories I have hanging around, either in my head or partly on 'paper'. But I'm glad your post was about something more positive than "ARGH, SO MUCH NOT DONE!" because it's a nice message. There's always more fun to be had at the writer's desk!

S.P. Bowers said...

No, I don't think I could ever use all my ideas or desire for writing and say "I'm done."

Have fun on your cruise!

kjmckendry said...

I love the part about being marooned on an island and writing in the sand!
I feel that way too.

Have a great time on your cruise!!

Elise Fallson said...

Don't think I'll ever stop writing. Good or bad, there's just too much crazy in my head that I have to get down.

Have a great time on the cruise! lucky *******. (:

Luanne G. Smith said...

I don't think I can stop writing...I tried before and it didn't work. I do have several unfinished projects, but I always intend to go back, at least to a few of them, someday.

Enjoy your cruise. Sounds wonderful.

Martin Willoughby said...

I have no intention of finishing writing. Ever. I'll even write the inscription on my tombstone.

Shelley Sly said...

I can't imagine ever being finished with writing.

Have fun on your vacation!

Mina Burrows said...

Being unfinished is neverending, huh?
Enjoy yourself!

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

That's one of the great things about writing - you never have to retire from it. :)

Have a great trip!

Laura S. said...

Hello, Nick! I like the idea of unfinished having a positive connotation in the sense that there's always going to be a new story to tell and new characters to meet. Storytelling is never done!

Have a lovely week and happy A to Z!!

J.L. Campbell said...

Yup, it's been crazy trying to cover all the blogs. I feel as if I haven't scratched the surface.

Unfinished is a good word to describe what writers do.

Enjoy the trip.

Mel said...

I feel like I continually leave my writing unfinished. Perhaps it's the idea of finishing that scares me. Hm. Anyway, have fun at your parents and on your Baltic cruise...jealous!

Cynthia said...

Though I may go on breaks, I don't think I'll ever be finished with writing because the ideas just keep piling up.

Have a wonderful time on your cruise! I too can't believe the A to Z challenge is almost over!

McKenzie McCann said...

This is exactly why in the situation of losing an arm or a leg, I would always choose leg because without my arm I couldn't write. I used to be absolutely perplexed by artists who were all about their hands, but without mine, I couldn't type.

I'm as bad as they are now.

Anonymous said...

"Do you think you'll ever be finished?"

...not with the writing itself. There might come a time when I no longer have stories to tell in novel form, but I will always write. It's what I do.

Nick Wilford said...

Kyra - I was similar. Wrote a lot when I was a kid then it fell by the wayside a bit. I think when you're older, it's a lot harder to make time for it, but it's so worth it!

Alex - I'm sure there's plenty in the tank!

Trisha - I have a few unfinished things - bits and bobs of stories. Might get back to them eventually! Glad you enjoyed the post!

S.P. - I'll never be done. Thanks!

Kathy - Thanks. I need the break!

Elise - No matter what we get down, there'll be more to take its place!

L.G. - I stopped for a while then realised what I was missing.

Cruise will be good. We're hoping to get to Anne Frank's house, and the Tivoli in Copenhagen.

Martin - Good idea. I think I'll do the same!

Chuck said...

I am sure I will always write something, even if it turns out to just be my blog. I like the expression and freedon it allows me. Will I ever be a writer-type writer? Hey, never say never. Have a great time on your trips...I'll leave the light on for ya.

Nicole said...

I don't think I'll ever really be finished. Even if the story stops on paper, it keeps going in my head. :)

Enjoy your time away!

Leigh Covington said...

Hope you have a good trip. :) And I love this paragraph...If I was marooned (love that word) on a desert island, I would use a stick to write in the sand. If I lost both my hands, I would learn to dictate. Whatever the situation, I would always want to be working.

That is awesome! Yes - I love to write! I hope the characters and stories never stop coming!

Nick Wilford said...

Shelley, Mina, Madeline - Thanks! It's funny, most people look forward to retiring!

Laura - Thanks for your comment. I don't think I could run out of ideas!

J.L. - Thanks. I knew I would never get to them all, but wanted to get to a few more.

Mel - Yeah, I used to have a problem actually finishing anything, but I don't think my stuff was very good then!

Cynthia - I know. What are we going to do with them all?!

McKenzie - Haha. Yep, never mind eating... typing's the number one thing I need my hands for!

Linda - Well said.

Chuck - Well, judging by the story you posted, you're as much a "writer-type" writer as anyone. Keep it up!

Nicole - That's a good way to look at it. Thanks!

Leigh - Thanks! It means a lot. :)

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

Sounds like we may be cruising at the same time!! Have a great break away!

Nick Wilford said...

Thanks Lynda. Enjoy your trip too! :)

The Beans said...

I still have to finish the first draft of my first novel. I keep going back to previous passages and ameliorating them *before* even completing the damn thing. --.-- But I can't help it!

-Barb the French Bean

Nick Wilford said...

Barb - I'm sure you'll get there. Ameliorating is a great word!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Nick .. thought I had .. I got a Simon in my head for the Tea - I obviously needed more coffee this a.m. .. Sorreeeee!!!

Hope you have a good break .. sounds really lovely - enjoy and relax .. the blogging world keeps going round .. Cheers Hilary