Wednesday, 4 April 2012

D is for Drama

Welcome to letter D of my A-Z series "26 Things that Made Me a Writer".

No, I'm not talking about the sort that goes on daily with friends, spouses and work colleagues, or even more serious stuff on a larger scale - I've been lucky not to have much in my life, though I understand it can be great for inspiration. I'm talking about my one-time lofty dreams of thespianism (great word).

The first things I clearly remember writing were little plays at around nine years old. Typically, they featured my real life friends and family put into humourous situations. They might not have amounted to much, but I caught the writing bug from them, even if I wasn't really aware of it at the time. I wanted to be an actor. That was what I wanted to be my whole childhood, and the plays were an extension of that.

Those who know me now find it amusing that this was my ambition. I'm shy around new people, and when in unfamiliar situations, and fumble my words. But as a child, acting was part of a plan to overcome that.

I felt an urge to perform, to show off a hidden, flamboyant side of me that was never seen in my daily interactions. Nowadays, I channel all of that into my writing. I had a bad stutter and I worked hard to conquer it when delivering my lines. At high school, I was fully involved in the drama club, and loved creating characters to perform in our frequent shows. I never quite enjoyed rehearsing proper plays as much.

I can see now that acting played a key role in shaping my ambition to become a successful writer. That urge to show people what I can do, that I'm more than meets the eye, started from there.

Have you had other passions in your life that you think went towards making you the writer you are today?

NB: This is a prescheduled post as I am away from April 2-6. I will respond to all comments on my return.


Sally said...

It's so interesting to hear about your life. Looking forward to the rest of your posts.

Unknown said...

It's funny. While reading your post I felt like I was reading about me. I also wanted to be an actor as a child/teen. I remember writing short plays with my friends that we'd force out parents to sit through. I love them for doing so. The plays were horrendous. :)

I do think this played a role in my writing. I am a shy person. I never could have been an actress. But I can entertain through words - behind the scene. And that's okay with me. I love it.

Great post. Thanks for sharing some of your childhood memories.


Morgan said...

Oh, this is brilliant. Love this post. Love that you can channel all of that excess energy into your writing. I know for me, writing is a release that the creative part of my soul needs. It used to be fulfilled with dancing, but writing does just as well! ;)

Pa Ul said...

Interesting writing blog and D post.
Do check out my D at GAC a-z.

Mel said...

Great post! I want never much for acting, but I do love to watch (and read) plays and whatnot.

Nick Wilford said...

Sally - Thanks!

Michelle - Glad it resonated with you. I too think I found my niche entertaining from "behind the scenes".

Morgan - Yeah, it has to come out some way and writing works the best for me!

Pa Ul - Thanks. I'll check out your posts.

Mel - Thanks. I don't get to the theatre as much as I would like.

Nick Wilford said...

Pa Ul - Just to say that I couldn't find your blog and the list is too big to scroll through. On the offchance that you come back and read this, could you post a link? :)